10 Reasons We Love Doing Business in Siouxland!

Anne Jager

Posted on July 08 2016

10 Reasons we LOVE doing business is Siouxland:

  • THE PEOPLE! Friendly, hard-working, fun-loving people are everywhere. Now, we aren’t saying that we have a monopoly on this because there are great people in many parts of the country, but we think Siouxland people rank pretty high on that list. We are so proud to call Siouxland home.
  • CONVENIENCE! We can get just about anywhere in the Sioux City metro in less than 30 minutes. How convenient is that? Many people do not even realize that it takes only about 15-20 minutes to get to Boutique 20 from downtown Sioux City, and only 5 minutes from the Sioux City Menards. We just love seeing our customers who come on their lunch breaks!
  • EASY PARKING! Parking is pretty awesome. Just about anywhere we go, we can get a parking spot close (and most of the time we don’t have to use a parking garage or parallel park)
  • FOUR SEASONS! We love the four seasons so brilliantly displayed in Siouxland every year. Yes even winter has some pretty spectacular scenes with the beautiful trees, rivers, and Loess Hills, simply amazing! And of course, how fun is it to have an excuse to buy new clothes four times a year?! The things we sometimes take for granted….
  • THE FUN! The first-class entertainment opportunities are what we would expect to find in a much larger city. The Tyson Events Center, Orpheum Theater, and Hard Rock are all unique, but amazing entertainment venues. One of our FAVORITE things to do is to help our customers find that perfect outfit to wear to the concert or show in Sioux City.
  • THE FOOD! The food in Siouxland is fabulous. It’s great to take friends and family out to eat at 5-star restaurants, exceptional family businesses, and even our favorite food trucks. Siouxland is home to some quite talented chefs. There are so many options and so many dedicated people working hard to provide it for us, it’s just overwhelming.
  • SPORTS! Sports in Siouxland is a fun and serious business. The Sioux City Explorers, Musketeers, Bandits, Stampede, and Hornets offer such a great family experience for all times of the year.  Youth, high school, and college sporting events are also exceptional in Siouxland. We love finding the perfect outfit for those supportive fans looking for something cute that she can wear to work and then right to the big game!
  • CULTURAL CELEBRATIONS! Cultural celebrations are something Siouxland is known and loved for! Lots of great people volunteer their time to organize spectacular events, and Siouxlanders know how to party! If you spend any time in Siouxland during summer, you are sure to find a fun event to attend. So many are traditions where lifetime memories are made and forever cherished.
  • COST OF LIVING! The cost of living is more than 16% lower in Siouxland than the rest of the country. It is a great feeling to get more for your hard earned money in Siouxland.
  • AMENITIES! The Siouxland area has quality amenities that are enjoyed all year by residents and visitors including first-class hotels, intriguing historical sites and museums, impressive art center and theaters, quality, affordable housing options to name a few.

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