About us

About Us

(Front Left to Right: Anne, Jessica & Jenni)


Our Story

Jenni was just 3 years old when she started giving serious fashion advice. It was the spring of 1995 and Jenni and her mom, Anne Jager were getting ready for church. Anne was wearing a black dress with hot pink floral design. She was wearing pink shoes. Jenni looked at her and in her tiny little three year old voice exclaimed:  “Mom! Those shoes don’t match to that dress!” “Mom! You wear black shoes!” She then pointed to the shoes that SHE preferred.

Anne ignored Jenni and finished getting ready. In the middle of the church service Jenni looked down and noticed that Anne obviously did not take her fashion advice and wore the PINK SHOES! Just as everyone sat down to hear the sermon and the church was very quiet, she yelled “Mom! You wore those pink shoes?  I told you they do not match to your dress and you wore them anyway! Ugh!” Everyone got quite the chuckle out of the tiny fashion advisor. Well, everyone was laughing except Anne that is.

It was then that Anne and her husband Todd started to realize they had a little fashionista on their hands. As Jenni grew up it became obvious to everyone that she had a gift with fashion and how to really put great outfits together. She naturally helped others (whether they wanted her help or not) find the perfect outfits! Sometimes it was helping her Mom dress more trendy, or helping her Dad finally give up his beloved “jorts” and sometimes it was just smiling (ok maybe there was yelling too) as her little sister Jessica, who hates shopping, snuck into Jenni’s closet to wear one of the super cute outfits she had already put together.

Our mission statement has been “We will be a fun place to work and a fun place to shop.” We want everyone to have fun and be happy. We absolutely love helping people find things they feel great in and love. “We pride ourselves on being a small family business and yes the entire family still helps in many ways. Jessica has lots of great ideas and support with her degree in Business and Entrepreneurship. She even joins for an occasional Facebook live and makes everyone laugh. Todd is a successful businessman himself and gives lots of business advice and mentoring. Jenni’s husband David and Todd both helped a great deal in renovating Boutique 20’s forever home in Lakeport Commons!” Of course little Jackson (Jenni and David’s son) provides much needed entertainment when it is all needed most!

About us:


I opened the store in 2014 and have never looked back as I know this is where I am meant to be right now. Boutique 20 gives me an opportunity to work with and help some of the most amazing, fun, and wonderful women I have ever met. I love coming to work each day. I get to see many old friends and make new friends. I have met other truly gifted professionals who inspire me to always do my best. Somehow I have been blessed with extraordinary team members whom I could never afford to pay what they are worth and I am so incredibly grateful for them!

My professional experience and education includes a bachelor’s degree in business and twenty plus years of experience in business, however none of that prepared me for what owning a small business means. I am humbled and honored at the amount of support we have and continue to receive. Each time a friend or family member, new or repeat customer shows support on social media in any way, I see it. Each time they visit, I notice. When we won the Siouxland Choice Award for Best Boutique and Best Women’s Clothing 2018 it was surreal. Honestly it still is. I am so thankful for all of the support we get in this great community that we love.



I worked hard to get my bachelor’s degree in marketing in just three years because I couldn’t wait to get into the workforce. I love marketing and social media and of course I have always loved fashion, so the opportunity to use both to help others is a dream come true!

I just love having the opportunity to meet and help amazing people and I so appreciate all of the support! In small business every little bit of support is a BIG deal and so much appreciated. I can honestly say that anyone who comments on posts, shares them, or participates in Facebook or Instagram is noticed and appreciated. It is always so nice to see our customers stop in to say “Hi” or shop in store. I am so happy to say that we have customers who have become friends and team members who have become like family.The biggest reward by far though is knowing that you have helped someone bring out their best. That look they have on their face when you know it is perfect all of those at Boutique 20 LOVE that look!

The Lakeport Commons - 5001 Sergeant Road, Suite 320, Sioux City, IA 51106